Meet Mndwrk, the Next-Generation Software Company

Attila Kiss

What is Mndwrk?

OK, let’s not sugar-coat things and cut to the chase! We are about to revolutionize how software is being made. Mndwrk’s mission is to build the world’s first next-gen software company, one that is designed for engineers by engineers.

  1. It is fair, democratic, and all-time transparent.

  2. It is decentralized, autonomous, and completely virtual.

  3. It is tokenized and co-owned by its members.

  4. It is simply just a better company to work for.

In a nutshell, we are building a decentralized virtual organization out of various experts and technologists who at the end of the day want more than just another regular job.

What does a next-gen company look like?

First of all, it provides an entirely new “cherry-pick” style of work experience. Engineers can simply create work squads to work on joint projects with their friends, ex-colleagues, and former classmates. It’s up to them who they work with. Creating a squad on Mndwrk’s community platform only takes a few clicks, and essentially it functions just the same as if they are launching their own custom development company. Squads can work on projects of their choice with the mates of their choice. Based on their field of expertise Mndwrk provides them with an always up-to-date list of projects they can pick and choose from. Working, learning, and having fun together with friends – is the true experience Mndwrk offers.

Are there any benefits for the community?

Mndwrk offers a tokenized Community Stock Ownership Plan for the most active members of the community. Do not get it wrong! We pay real (fiat) money for programming work. The Mndwrk Coin (MWC) is only for rewarding community contributions. When someone invites a new member, writes an exceptional blog post, speaks at a live meetup, or participates in a charity hackathon, they earn MWC. What is MWC for exactly? It is connected to the Community Stock Ownership Plan. The more our members support the community, the more shares they get.

How does it feel to be a Mndwrk-er?

It is a lifetime experience by design. Mndwrk acts as a meta-organization responsible for guiding community members through a lifelong career filled with skill-improving pieces of training, networking events, and hand-picked projects straight from their bucket lists. Whatever our community members’ current job is, at the same time they are also a part of a much greater thing that they can always count on and come back to.

What does it mean to be a Mndwrk-er?

In short, it is all about building an international career, surfing from project to project, learning new skills, and taking breaks when needed. Being part of a vivid, autonomous, and passionate community that gets the job done while constantly exceeding expectations. In addition, it is about getting a fair and transparent profit share, having a clear career path supported by a pro HR team, looking forward to the next exciting project to work on as it is right down your alley, being part of a great team you love, finding mentors to constantly learn from, and harnessing the advantages a peer community has to offer.

How do we help our community to get what they want?

Let’s say you want to work on meaningful international projects. No problem at all! We help you build yourself up. We find you some relevant smaller projects first and, soon after, use them to present a gorgeous track record that will definitely boost your chances. Maybe in the meantime, you could write a few articles as well. In fact, you could even give a presentation at a Mndwrk event. It can’t hurt, and we reward your contribution through a tokenized community share program.

Why is Mndwrk the best partner for building an adaptive IT workforce?

Most IT agencies provide their “flexible” services via their own employees, which is a rather rigid and expensive approach with no possibility to exceed headcount limitations. In contrast, Mndwrk facilitates a vivid community with an ocean of IT experts and freelancers where availability and capacity are not bound by employee headcount. We are pioneering a new form of company structure. Mndwrk is an agile and flexible organization by design, capable of providing the IT workforce you need with never-seen-before conditions.

What business needs does Mndwrk serve?

This is easily described through a real-life example. Let’s say your organization is about to develop a new piece of tech but down the line faces the same old challenges everyone does nowadays. Time constraints, unseen expenses, quality shortcuts, and resource shortages. Hiring new people might sound like a valid choice but talent is hard to come by, very expensive and in reality, the traditional employee model is becoming less attractive to engineers. The new generation goes where they get what really matters; freedom, ownership, transparency, and variety.

That is why hundreds of them join our community every day to create nimble work squads with friends, ex-colleagues, and former classmates. The squads are agile, nimble, and focused on the task at hand. Due to the sheer number of them, there is no project left untouched by our community.

We here at Mndwrk, act as an orchestrator, sharing all available projects with the community and deciding which one is the right squad to get the job done in a fast, efficient & cost-effective manner.

Through our community, we provide specialists in all major fields including Mobile & Web development, Big Data, DevOps, Business Automation, Customer Experience, CMS implementation, and more. For our clients, we offer flexible models to suit their every need such as project outsourcing, team augmentation, BOT (“build – operate – transform”) and remote workforce recruiting. With all honesty, we can’t cram all the IT fields and all the major industries in here because that would fill up the whole page pretty fast. Let’s just say if you have a problem, we most certainly have or can easily find a solution for it.

How big Mndwrk is exactly?

By today we are the largest nearshore service hub in the Central & Eastern European region. We provide access to a community of more than 10k profiled engineers & developers, 100+ well-established teams, and a hub for 40+ IT service providers & vendor partners. We are headquartered in Budapest, the largest metropolitan area in Central & Eastern Europe, an emerging startup and IT hub, and the perfect nearshore venue for western companies.

What novelties does Mndwrk bring to market?

Our rapid growth and international expanse are driven by a groundbreaking business model. We brought IT professionals and other companies together to create an organization, amplifying the benefits of their cumulative strength, utility, and agility. This professional community has the ability to collaborate on recruitment, training, marketing, and providing services – bringing a new, service-oriented organizational model to life.

The Mndwrk IT Community Platform provides immediate access to more than 10 000 IT professionals in uniquely flexible packages – and is continuously growing. Registered members and contracting partners of this community value us as a platform that effectively supports their professional and business development. Members of the Mndwrk community can join training sessions and large-scale international projects that would not be available for them otherwise.

What is Mndwrk’s vision? How do we want to change the World?

Our banner has cooperation, agility, and transparency written on it. We believe that advanced technologies help the current unraveling of the traditional economic structure. As part of this, capital-centered corporate structures are gradually replaced by professional communities built around effective collaboration and collective learning. Mndwrk’s adaptive IT workforce and consulting services serve its customers and partners through every step of their journey in today’s hectic business environment. Our unlimited source of adaptive IT resources is sure to make a difference on the market.

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