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Publikálás dátuma: 2022.12.
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The Obstacles. If you’re trying to grow a brand, you know firsthand that it can be a complex challenge. Short-term goals are routinely prioritized over long-term, systemic growth. Despite your best efforts to grow revenue and win market share, gains are fleeting, and real progress often plateaus. What can you do to ignite sustainable growth?

The Research. What do winning brands do differently? Inspired by the number one bestseller Good to Great, market intelligence expert Jared Schrieber has gone a step further to explore the factors that distinguish breakout brands from those that lag behind. He studied twenty-five thousand brands over five years by tracking the day-to-day purchasing decisions of more than one million consumers, analyzing the advertising that influenced them, and creating a practical guide for growing brands, no matter their industry or size.

The Answers. In Breakout Brands, Jared reveals the steps successful brands take to accelerate brand momentum year after year. This new framework for brand building presents real case studies and concrete steps to get you results. Like Good to Great, Breakout Brands is the must-have guide for brands that want to dominate the market by aligning proven short-term tactics with successful long-term strategies.